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Avaya has recognized DVX, Inc. has brought unique solutions to the market place that Solve customer problems.  This is an ever evloving page so please check back as there are more studies on the way.
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In each of the following scenarios DVX was
able to create enough savings over their existing infrasctructure to actually cause a budget reduction for these organizations and impliment a new communications solution without any upfront expense.

DVX provided not only the communications system, but the network infrastructure and Layer 3 Routing thru Juniper, and manages their Network Security as well.
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Golden Crest Assisted Living Leverages Existing Technology Investment Plus
Gains Cloud Capabilities to Solve
Multiple Challenges

Avaya business partner DVX, Inc. installed the Powered by IP Office solution for Trust Security. Robinson comments favorably on the positive experience he had with the company. “We’re not the typical customer, our platform needs to be robust and do a lot of different things,” he says. “DVX has been very responsive and supportive.”
Trust Security’s business has grown by 30 percent since the implementation of the Avaya Powered by IP Office. Robison attributes this spike to the Avaya VoIP solution allowing them to provide more reliable customer service to existing customers and capture lucrative after-hours clients.