Web Collaboration provides web-based conferencing and online meeting tools that enable your organization’s members and invited guests to join in conference calls and group meetings on site or from remote locations.
Participants can quickly join the conference by logging in to Collaboration Agent and then dialing into the bridge number assigned for the conference call. An audio-only participant joins the conference by dialing in to the audio bridge. A conference owner can also dial out to users and add the users as participants. Additional participants can even be invited to join a conference already in progress. Then, the participants can easily perform a number of tasks, such as:
•See a list of other participants
•Raise their hands
For scheduled conferences from , after the conference time elapses, the application disconnects all participants and the conference owner from the audio call.
With web collaboration, the conference moderator or any selected participant can
•All or some of their desktop
Specific applications
Virtual whiteboards
When web collaboration is active, participants can:
Send messages
Annotate shared content
Record minutes
Using the Library feature, anyone with a Web Collaboration account can store these presentation materials in advance and retrieve them in seconds when “given the floor.” Participants can truly collaborate by viewing these presentations, as well as making notes on any whiteboard. Throughout the conference, anyone who is logged into the
Collaboration Agent can see the following:
Who is on the call
Who is currently speaking
Who is taking part in Web Collaboration
Who is presenting