Enterprises need to know if employees are using valuable network bandwidth for legitimate business purposes, entertainment or other personal activities, and how it affects the network, business processes and worker productivity. Applications, including collaboration and video conferencing, legitimately drive the need for more bandwidth and network expansion, but there are many other times when bandwidth is used inappropriately or inefficiently. So how do you get the real view of network usage - not only from a packet perspective, but also in terms of applications?
Avaya recognizes that effective and easy-to-use network management tools can help businesses improve efficiency, enhance productivity and make more informed decisions - while providing a smooth path to unified communications.
That’s where the Avaya IP Flow Manager (IPFM) comes in.
The IPFM is a network management software tool that enables you to monitor, view and diagnose problems at the application level, and then use this
valuable data to make informed decisions about your network.
Full Network Monitoring
The IPFM works in conjunction with Avaya’s Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) and Virtual Services Platform (VSP) portfolios, specifically the ERS 8800, ERS 8600, ERS 5000, ERS 4000, as well as the VSP 9000, VSP 7000 and VSP 4000 Series. Data is collected via these Avaya devices on a per-port basis and forwarded to the IPFM, which then performs monitoring, analysis and presentation of application issues and usage.
Convenient web browser access
With its user-friendly interface and built-in intelligence, the IPFM eliminates the need for manual collection of data and analysis of that data at a central site. Through the IPFM, administrators can access and analyze data quickly and easily through a web browser - anywhere, at any time. The IPFM supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.