The Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office lets you meet face-to-face with colleagues, customers, vendors - anyone with a device and an internet connection - for a rich collaboration experience. See participants in HD video, share and annotate documents, chat with attendees in real-time. The result: meetings with people across locations are more productive, efficient and meaningful.
Use the Avaya Video Collaboration Solution in a conference room or executive suite, or as a “virtual conference room” on your network, enabling participants to join collaboration sessions with virtually any device and easily connect to other standards-based room systems.
Easy and Secure Implementations
IT resources may be stretched. With
the Video Collaboration Solution for
IP Office, installation and ongoing management are simplified. No specialized IT skills are required. The unique automated firewall traversal technology provided by Avaya enables you to easily connect with customers and vendors while maintaining security.
Avaya IP Office - Now Add Affordable Video Collaboration
Once you install Avaya IP Office Video Collaboration, start by simply clicking on a link to join. Participants download the web plug-in or mobile app. and HD-quality video is a reality. Use virtually any device - PC or Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet - to conduct multi-party video conferences, share and annotate files and more.
Avaya Video Collaboration can help you:
Improve productivity - Face-to-face meetings deliver better results. Participants are more engaged and interactive; decisions can be made faster.
Enhance customer service - Differentiate your business with the highly personalized interactions you’ll have with customers via video collaboration.
Manage travel costs - Reduce the number of trips required to meet with customers and associates without sacrificing efficiency and meeting quality.
Make more efficient use of IT resources - Enjoy the exceptional benefits of video without over-taxing your IT staff; easy to install, easy to manage, easy to use.