Full-featured telephony solutions for Apple desktop
Although Windows-based PCs remain important in day-to-day corporate computing, Apple’s newest desktop, laptop and handheld devices have driven the need for a new platform for voice and data communications applications. As adoption of these products becomes more widespread throughout organizations, end users are seeking underlying communications capabilities to help them manage the increasingly fast-paced requirements of their workplace.
For these users, Avaya offers Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-enabled softphone solution for Mac®. These capabilities will transform how Apple end users communicate with customers and colleagues.
Avaya’s powerful solutions, Apple’s elegant interface
Users of Apple devices have historically been underserved in the enterprise. Now they can unlock the power of their Apple desktop to communicate as efficiently as their colleagues using PC-based devices. Avaya’s solutions for Apple devices deliver core capabilities, including:
• Enterprise communications. Using your organization’s network, end users can connect their Apple computer with the Avaya solution to place and receive calls, join conference-call bridge lines, initiate three-way conversations, transfer calls, and take advantage of basic
communication functionality using the microphone and speakers built into the Mac device or a headset.
• Integrated contacts. Users can save keystrokes and time with the ability to place calls simply by clicking on a contact within the Mac’s native Address Book application. Plus, contacts are available both from the Mac’s native Address Book and the enterprise directory.
• Usage Mode. End users can choose their connectivity mode - for example, setting their mobile phone as a preferred communications device and receiving calls on it - while having complete call control and data on the Mac