Avaya WLAN Orchestration System (WOS)
Avaya WOS is a wireless network management platform that provides full monitoring and management of the Avaya WLAN 9100 Series network via a web based application with graphical map views. WOS scales from small to large networks and from one location to multiple locations, as well as large campus environments with thousands of wireless users. WOS provides help desk, as well as network operations and management capabilities for the Avaya WLAN 9100 Series network. WOS has a flexible license scheme based on the size of the wireless network, and is available as an application to run on legacy Microsoft Windows Server systems, as well as a virtualized server environment.
At A Glance

Web based implementation, monitoring and management of a Avaya WLAN 9100 Series network

Single management application for small to large

Monitor wireless network performance, traffic and client stations

Manage configuration of the wireless network and management system

Configuration templates for bulk configuration changes

Automated installation and configuration of WLAN 9100 Series allowing simplified deployment of AP

Graphical maps showing wireless coverage heat maps, devices and location

Comprehensive management reports on Wireless Network benefits and performance

Security monitoring, alerting and mitigation for rogues and security events

Software Image and license management for WLAN 9100 APs

Troubleshooting tools, packet capture and reports to resolve connectivity and performance issues

Global Search feature to easily find information such as stations (e.g. IP, MAC address, type) and APs

Web based management of application for easy updates and server management
Monitoring Views
Dashboard View
Summary view of Avaya WLAN 9100 Series that is widget based. Each widget shows different summary statistics such as AP/SSID status information, security status, and station information. The Dashboard view is fully customizable to add or remove desired widgets, select data categories displayed, and change the widget layout on a per user basis.
Maps View
View hierarchical maps showing floor plans or images for each location with Avaya AP placement and selectable layered information views with configurable filters for information displayed. Locate associated stations (user and client device) as well as rogue devices. View AP information as well as associated station information. Perform AP functions directly from maps view, such as packet capture and configuration.