Easy to use and secure - Avaya one-X® Mobile helps enterprises lower expenses and maintain business continuity by delivering a consistent set of easy-to-deploy applications and services to users through a consolidated server. Real time access to your critical enterprise communication capabilities, including visual voice mail, aggregated presence, synchronized call logs, and unified contacts improves business collaboration and customer service.
Avaya one-X® Mobile is a Unified Communications client that provides enterprise users with simple and intuitive access to enterprise communications from a wide selection of mobile devices, including high-end smart phones and tablets. Available for popular device platforms, our one-X Mobile clients:
• Extend business communications applications to mobile devices to help ensure employees can be accessible and productive while on the move.
• Provide powerful telephony capabilities, once available only when in the office, while enabling users to have the ubiquity and portability of the mobile device.
• Offer one number inbound and outbound calling, visual voicemail, corporate directory lookup, enterprise call log and user selectable options for where calls ring through.
Mobile workers, sales people and executives no longer need to provide multiple reach numbers, making them easier to contact. The additional benefits? Increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
IP Office Teleworker provides small businesses with powerful communications tools to enable home and remote workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in the office. Available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition, Teleworker allows small businesses to expand their labor pool by enabling people to work remotely - wherever that may be - with the full array of office phone capabilities.
With just an Internet connection, home and remote workers are a seamless extension of the main office, making it easy for customers and colleagues to reach them. Calls flow through the network reducing costs (and eliminating variable phone expenses), and real estate requirements can be substantially reduced.