IP Office Preferred Edition
For Optimal Responsiveness and Professionalism
IP Office Preferred Edition delivers intelligent communications capabilities that enable staff to collaborate easily and respond quickly to customers and colleagues. With Preferred Edition, businesses can use communications to establish a competitive edge - through intelligent call routing, sophisticated messaging - and call handling and application integration.
IP Office Preferred Edition enhances all the capabilities of
Essential Edition and much more.

•Scalable and Sophisticated Voicemail - Handle up to 40 simultaneous calls. Make the entire staff more productive and efficient. Broadcast a single voicemail to all employees, a specific department or just one team. Address messages by extension or name. Have voicemail messages “find” you and alert you to new messages.
•Secure “Meet Me” Conferencing - The built-in 128-party conferencing capability makes it easy for all users to host their own personal password- protected conference bridge (up to
64-parties per conference) to securely collaborate with customers and colleagues. Its unique call capacity lets you host a multitude of calls simultaneously.
•Automated Call Routing - With the ability to create an unlimited number of automated attendants (each with an unlimited number of levels), sophisticated call routing is now a reality for any size business. Customize attendants to handle calls by time of day, day of week or other variable. Program attendants to recognize callers and deliver personalized messages to them. Pre-record announcements (holiday greetings, promotions) and schedule them for future use.
•Call Recording - Built-in recording of incoming or outgoing calls. Set the frequency of recorded calls (all calls or a percentage of calls). Record calls on demand with the push of a button. Recordings can be sent directly to voice/email mailboxes as a WAV file attachment for forwarding via email.

•Investment Protection - Expandable as your business grows. Handles ten times more voice messaging capacity than Essential Edition to accommodate higher number of calls from customers and aadditional users
•Empowerment of all users within or across the business…All users can spontaneously  host  their  own personalized and secure conference calls.
•Flexible management - Easily adapts to your changing business needs
•Communications assurance - With the ability to easily record calls no one should ever miss important  information from a meeting

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System Requirements•IP Office 500 system
•Ethernet attached PC running Windows Server 2003
(32-bit), Windows Small Business Server (32-bit and 64-bit), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2
•Ethernet attached PC configured with Applications Server DVD (Windows Operating System not required)
•Voicemail synchronization in Email and Browser based access to voicemail works with any IMAP mail client (Outlook)
•IP Office 500 system has 128 party conference capacity, with up to 64 parties on a single call
•Requires as many digital trunks/channels as external participants.  For example, 1 T1 allows 23/24 external parties, 1 E1 allows 30 parties, etc.
For complete and latest PC and Server specifications, refer to latest Avaya IP Office Technical Bulletin and Technical Tip documents.
User Requirements•Any IP Office telephone
Feature DetailSystem Features
•Up to 40 concurrent calls for voice mail access
•Voice storage dependant on PC hard drive size (1MB per minute)
•Unlimited multi-level intelligent automated attendants
•CLI/ANI number screening to personally answer and route known callers
•Time & date profiles to cater for public holidays and emergency closures
•Sophisticated in-queue announcements advises callers Estimated Time to Answer and Position In Queue
•Multiple language support
•Single, centralized voicemail solution when used with IP Office Multi-Site Option
•Distributed voicemail solution available when used in IP Office Multi-Site Option
•Message control: Save, Delete, Forward, Repeat, Rewind, Fast Forward, Skip Message, and Pause
•Message retrieval options of LIFO/FIFO playback (Last In First Out/First In First Out)
•Set message as Priority, to be played first
•Outcalling notification of messages left in voice mail box
Conference Features
•Helpful voice prompts guides callers into the conference call
•Unique PIN codes ensures security for conference calls
•Conference entry/exit tones; single beep on entry, double beep on exit.
•Conference call recording
•Conference Call control (Available with IP Office Power User, IP Office Teleworker, and IP Office Office Worker solutions)
•‘Conference Room’ automatically dials users and adds them if available ( Requires Receptionist solution)
User features
•Record calls to mailbox
•Personal attendants
•Personalize greetings and pre-record extended greetings
•Send notification, Forward, and Copy voice messages to Email Inbox
•Browser based access to voice messages
•Message control from your PC (Available with IP Office Power User, IP Office Teleworker, and IP Office Office Worker solutions)

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