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Although Juniper is now utilizing the SRX series we still have SSG5 and SSG20 routers to be used in the cloud configurations,  These routers use Netscreen OS which is a propriatary format and much harder to hack than most as the code is written directly from Juniper
Portfolio Description
The SSG 5 and SSG 20 are high-performance security platforms for small branch office
and standalone businesses that want to stop internal and external attacks, prevent
unauthorized access and achieve regulatory compliance. Both the SSG 5 and SSG 20
deliver 160 Mbps of stateful firewall traffic and 40 Mbps of IPSec VPN traffic.
Security: Protection against viruses, SPAM and emerging malware is delivered by
proven Unified Threat Management (UTM) security features that are backed by bestin-
class partners. To address internal security requirements and facilitate regulatory
compliance, the SSG 5 and SSG 20 both support an advanced set of network protection
features such as security zones, virtual routers and VLANs that allow administrators
to divide the network into distinct secure domains, each with its own unique security
policy. Policies protecting each Security Zone can include access control rules and
inspection by any of the supported UTM security features.
Connectivity and Routing: The SSG 5 has seven on-board 10/100 interfaces with
optional fixed WAN ports. The SSG 20 has five 10/100 interfaces with two I/O expansion
slots for additional WAN connectivity. The broad array of I/O options coupled with WAN
protocol and encapsulation support in the routing engine make both the SSG 5 and the
SSG 20 a solution that can easily be deployed as a traditional branch office router or as a
consolidated security and routing device to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. Both the SSG 5 and
SSG 20 support 802.11 a/b/g as a factory configured option supported by a wide array of
wireless specific security features.
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