Keeping students safe through instant, coordinated communications
Parents send their children off to school each day expecting that it will be a safe, nurturing environment. The vast majority of time, it is. But what if something happens that puts them in danger?
The question is not whether an
emergency will occur at the school, because chances are that someday it will - weather emergency, fire, intruder
or other risk. When it does, time can
be as precious as the lives and safety of the students, teachers and staff inside. Fortunately, advances in communications technology are providing schools with powerful and economical tools to
respond quickly and comprehensively.
The Avaya Safe School Solution takes such advances to a new level. It can
help school districts bring the latest
safety and security communications capabilities to their campuses efficiently and economically, while making the
most of existing infrastructure and resources. When an emergency happens, an array of notification and security capabilities, from E9-1-1 emergency
calls, to alarms and strobe lights, to
door locks and loudspeakers - some triggered automatically - can save
critical time and protect the well-being
of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
Preparing for threats
For years, authoritative voices, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, have provided guidance on creating effective real-time communications systems to support school safety and security. Key system elements can include broad access to E9-1-1 emergency call dialing and emergency broadcast devices, preemptive emergency communications, schoolwide broadcasts that are intelligible even in loud environments, and visual notifications for persons who are hearing impaired.
In addition to all the things below DVX can provide Bell and Intercom systems to replace outdated technolooogy while integrating it to the new communication system for usually less than their current budget.