About vSphere with Operations Management
VMware vSphere with Operations Management is designed to
help you achieve your unique business needs by providing better
insights and better IT. It helps you improve your performance and
avoid disruption, with intelligent operations from apps to storage
providing simplified availability and comprehensive visibility in
one place. And it helps free up time so you can focus on more
strategic tasks by safely automating workload placement and
resource optimization on your terms, with increased control
based on pre-set customizable templates.

vSphere with Operations Management provides the following

• Powerful Server Virtualization: Virtualize your x86 server
resources and aggregate them into logical pools for allocation
of multiple workloads.

Efficient Storage: Reduce the complexity of back-end storage
systems and enable the most efficient storage utilization in
virtual environments.

High Availability: Maximize uptime across your virtualized
infrastructure, reducing unplanned downtime and eliminating
planned downtime for server and storage maintenance.

Network Services: Get network services optimized for the
virtual environment, along with simplified administration
and management.

Platform Automation: Lower operating expenditures and
minimize errors by streamlining routine tasks with vSphere’s
accurate and repeatable solutions.

Robust Security: Protect your data and applications with the
industry’s most secure “bare-metal” virtualization platform.

Consistent Management: Maximize the benefits of your virtual
data center with unified easy-to-use operations management.

Intelligent Operations: Intelligent operations management
adapts to your specific environment, giving you better insights
in time to take proactive action.

Operations Automation: Safely automate infrastructure
management with guided remediation and customizable
actions, while always staying in control.

Intelligent Workload Management: Balancing plan
recommends optimal placement of workloads and balances
the workloads across clusters.

Cloud API Integration: Provides choice on how to consume
your cloud environment.